Margins Studio is a typographic design practice and imprint based in London. We design publications and identities — across digital and print — for arts, community, and justice groups.

Margins Ltd.
1 min readJun 29, 2022

One of the most significant forms of power held by the weak is the refusal to accept the definition of oneself that is put forward by the powerful
— bell hooks citing Elizabeth Janeway

We work primarily with marginalised groups to amplify voices, causes, and arts that are often overlooked by the mainstream. Whatever the project, our aim is to create work that disrupts entrenched power and its paradigms that are often unthinkingly propagated within visual culture. In doing so, we hope to create a landscape that is more hospitable to us all.

Mission statement

  • Deliver conceptually and visually strong client work, drawing upon best practices from both service and commercial design and explored through lenses of critical theory
  • Charge discounted rates for projects in which we can open-source components and methods
  • Incorporate as a co-operative (ideally 3–5 members)

Please get in touch if you have a project you’d like to chat through. Chris @ Margins

London Zoo, 1985