Nine questions to ask when choosing clients

Margins Ltd.
1 min readNov 19, 2022

These are nine questions we think it is important to ask ourselves when approaching a new project or client relationship.

The organisation and team

  1. What framework of understanding does the organisation hold?
  2. Where do the financial interests lie?
  3. Is the project being led by the people it will most impact?

The project

  1. Does the work challenge or reinforce negative assumptions or tropes about affected groups, especially if they are underrepresented?
  2. Will the work leave those most affected by the issue with more or less power? Does the work benefit the already powerful? In what ways?
  3. How can we ensure the way we work on this project is prefigurative?

The community

  1. Are there opportunities to collaborate with other creators, especially those from underrepresented groups?
  2. Are there ways we can share the work on this project with others to increase its impact (e.g. open source components, publishing our research etc.)
  3. How does this project invite us to imagine the world otherwise?